Their Stories

A dozen New Hope Housing residents share their stories of abuse, abandonment, catastrophic illness, hard luck, incarceration and homelessness. These testaments to resilience, determination, faith and hope embody a commitment to improve their lives.

Chapter 1

I Get Up with a Willin’ Mind

featuring Elma Baskin
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Chapter 2

This Is What It Feels Like

featuring James Gleichner
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Chapter 3

With a Good Heart

featuring Aungrey Horton
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Chapter 4

Don’t Want Failure To Be My Reward

featuring Ronnie Geters
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Chapter 5

It Was Beautiful, And It Was Almost Paid-For

featuring Me Guerra
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Chapter 6

Knowing That I Can Do It

featuring Reynard Wright
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Chapter 7

The Next Right Thing

featuring Debra Letchworth
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Chapter 8

If You Ain’t Got Pie, Take Puddin’

featuring Shirley Polk
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Chapter 9

Everything Started Coming Back

featuring Keith Payton
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Chapter 10

It Gonna Do What It Does

featuring James Pegues
Play Audio 4:46
Chapter 11

Where I Am Today

featuring Robert Ausberry
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Chapter 12

You Never Know the Person’s Story

featuring Karen James
Play Audio 5:47
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