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New Hope Housing, Inc. is a Houston-based non-profit that provides life-stabilizing, affordable, permanent housing with support services for people who live on very limited incomes. Many of New Hope’s residents have been homeless and are coping with physical or mental health disabilities.

In spring 2018, New Hope Housing launched a mission awareness campaign, There’s More to the Story. In Volume 1 of that campaign, a dozen New Hope Housing residents shared their stories, in their own words, on this website. These chronicles of abuse, abandonment, catastrophic illness, hard luck, homelessness and incarceration are ultimately inspiring testaments to resilience and determination.

In Volume 2 we share how these stories contribute to our understanding of the barriers underserved populations must overcome. They help us discern what we need to do to assist our fellow citizens. They inspire us to our calling.

For more information, visit newhopehousing.com.

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