Our Calling

Over the past few months, we’ve shared short videos expressing some of the challenges faced by our most vulnerable citizens.  The videos highlight issues related to education, health and health care, law enforcement and the criminal justice system, NIMBYism, and architecture and beauty. This new video addresses all of these issues in a broader context, making their connections clearer.  It …
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New Hope Housing believes that architecture matters, and that we all rise to the level of our surroundings. We build quality housing which allows our residents to live with dignity. For us, beauty and quality are synonymous.

Not In My Backyard

It can be difficult to find neighborhood support for multi-family housing – especially for low income and homeless populations. We believe, though, that the problem is not housing for the homeless, the problem is homelessness. New Hope Housing provides high quality housing that allows low income and homeless people a way to escape life on the street, creating safer and …
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The Other

Law enforcement is often on the front lines of homelessness and mental health. But are these criminal justice issues? Or public health issues? Where do people go who are in need of a safety net? New Hope Housing provides safety and stability, the foundation that everyone requires in order to thrive.

Housing & Health

The relationship between affordable housing and health is fundamental. In this video, experts in the field look at affordable housing through the lens of health, making the case that providing safe, stable housing is not only cost effective, but also critical to the establishment of a healthy life.

Toxic Stress

Housing quality is incredibly important for a child’s ability to be healthy, learn, and succeed at school. Stressors such as homelessness are particularly impactful for children under the age of three, when brain development occurs at the fastest rate during any period of human life. New Hope Housing provides a safe, stable, and stimulating environment for our residents.

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