There’s More to the Story

Tales from the seldom asked.

In There’s More to the Story, a dozen New Hope Housing residents share their stories, in their own words, in videos on this website, 140 characters at a time on Twitter (@theresmore), and also through Facebook and Instagram. Their stories chronicle abuse, abandonment, catastrophic illness, hard luck, homelessness and incarceration. But there’s more to the story. These testaments to resilience, determination, faith and hope embody a commitment to improve their lives.

There’s More to the Story is a six month multi-platform campaign to build public awareness for New Hope Housing, Inc., a Houston-based non-profit that provides life-stabilizing, affordable, permanent housing with support services for people who live on very low incomes, many of whom have been homeless and are coping with physical or mental health disabilities.

We hope that experiencing these stories told by people seldom heard from will heighten recognition of our shared humanity and encourage you to support the vital work of New Hope Housing.

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Most Recent Stories

Chapter 12

You Never Know the Person’s Story

featuring Karen James
Play Audio 5:47
Chapter 11

Where I Am Today

featuring Robert Ausberry
Play Audio 3:55
Chapter 10

It Gonna Do What It Does

featuring James Pegues
Play Audio 4:46
Chapter 9

Everything Started Coming Back

featuring Keith Payton
Play Audio 3:54
Chapter 8

If You Ain’t Got Pie, Take Puddin’

featuring Shirley Polk
Play Audio 2:09
Chapter 7

The Next Right Thing

featuring Debra Letchworth
Play Audio 4:04
Chapter 6

Knowing That I Can Do It

featuring Reynard Wright
Play Audio 4:12
Chapter 5

It Was Beautiful, And It Was Almost Paid-For

featuring Me Guerra
Play Audio 4:59
Chapter 4

Don’t Want Failure To Be My Reward

featuring Ronnie Geters
Play Audio 4:41
Chapter 3

With a Good Heart

featuring Aungrey Horton
Play Audio 3:57
Chapter 2

This Is What It Feels Like

featuring James Gleichner
Play Audio 3:55
Chapter 1

I Get Up with a Willin’ Mind

featuring Elma Baskin
Play Audio 4:40
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